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Crafting compelling narratives in the vibrant world of PR & Marketing.
Dedicated to continuously evolving, but always staying ahead of industry trends.
Elevating brands the CJ way.

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This is Clinton Jeff

Currently spearheading Global Product PR at Razer, Clinton Jeff draws from a rich tapestry of experiences: from tech blogging for over 7 years, working on projects with Nokia and Microsoft, to shaping narratives for industry giants like Xiaomi and Huawei Mobile. His knack for creating compelling stories is coupled with a keen insight into the rapidly evolving world of tech.


Check out his resume over at his LinkedIn profile.

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 Branding   Social Media

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Product PR & Product Marketing

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Crafting Narratives in a Digital Age: A No-B.S Method to Public Relations & Marketing

With 16+ years straddling the dynamic worlds of Tech Journalism, PR, and Marketing, I've cultivated a unique perspective.

My 7-year tenure as a tech journalist isn't just a feather in my cap; it's my compass in navigating the labyrinth of modern-day PR & Marketing strategies. This foundation, bolstered by unparalleled media relations and a myriad of press conferences, has empowered me to guide companies in crafting narratives that resonate.

At Xiaomi, as the PR Lead for Product, my journalist's insight was invaluable. The emphasis? Organic content, deepening already robust media ties, strategic exclusivity, and giving the brand a human touch. The result? PR strategies recognized as some of the industry's gold standards.

​Transitioning to Huawei Mobile as Senior Marketing Lead, my canvas expanded. PR was just one color on my palette, with Social Media, Community, and Product Marketing adding vibrancy. My mission? Articulating the brand's "why" with clarity and charisma.

In my recent chapter at Razer, I've continued to harness these skills, molding and refining PR strategies to elevate Razer's global product narrative. The synergy of past experiences and present challenges has solidified my belief: Authentic storytelling is the linchpin of impactful communication.

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