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Professional Summary

I have over 12 years of work experience, but being a tech journalist for over 8 years, turned out to be my biggest strength when dealing with PR & Marketing strategy in todays competitive environment. Armed with the best media relations in the business, solid product knowledge, and having attended countless press conferences and junkets, I've been able to use my skills & experience to help advice companies on taking the best path towards effective storytelling & communication with media as well as consumers.

During my time as the PR Lead for Product at Xiaomi, I was able to use my experience as a journalist to develop highly effective PR strategies that focused on organic content, growing & maintaining my already awesome media relations, while also offering exclusivity, and humanising the brand. Using our customers voice, the PR strategies employed at Xiaomi India are some of the most effective in the industry.

​In the course of my time as Senior Marketing Lead, Huawei, my role expanded beyond PR to include Social Media, Community, and Product Marketing, enabling me to help their smartphone brand communicate their "why" more efficaciously.

Clinton Jeff


Content Strategy  Writing     Campaign Management    Branding 
Social Media 
  Public Relations    Marketing    Creative Initiatives

 Product Marketing      Product PR      Product Photography   

Work Experience

Over 12 years of Work Experience


Senior Marketing Lead - Huawei

Clinton Jeff

As Senior Marketing Lead, my responsibilities revolved around India spokesperson roles, and extended over Huawei Honor PR, Social Media, Product Marketing, Campaign Management, Project Management, and our Fan Community - Honor Club.


PR Lead, Product - Xiaomi

Responsible for the development, execution, and measurement of the PR strategy for Xiaomi's smartphones, TVs, Routers, Air Purifiers, & other ecosystem devices in the India subcontinent. My responsibilities include creating successful communication solutions for product launches, as well as building and managing relationships with key press, analysts, bloggers, YouTubers, & influencers in the industry.


Founder & Executive Editor -

At the time when the blogging and content creator scene had yet to take off in India, I created a personal blog that was initially meant to be mainly travel + tech as I backpacked across India.

Eventually (formerly ZOMGitsCJ) grew into a massive global technology blog with a 9-member diverse, global team across Singapore, New Delhi, Sydney, Mumbai, London, & New York, that broke news stories, had our own sources for tech company leaks, and has been referenced by several major global publications including Engadget, The Verge, The Next Web, Android Central, Windows Central, AllAboutSymbian, AllAboutWindowsPhone, and more.




Completed coursework toward Bachelors in Computer Science Engineering.


JIS, Kuwait

11th and 12th standard, CBSE syllabus



Technology is my first love (Smartphones & Audio, and Smart Home products, particularly)

Photography (Street, Food, and Cafe Interiors) - I carry my camera everywhere 

Travel - I grew up in an immensely multi-cultural environment so I love exploring 

Lego building - Partly because I'm also a huge architecture nerd

Currently obsessed with Cult Fitness

Sneaker Collecting (Particularly Adidas & Nike)

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