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SUPREME x Nike Air Force 1 Review

For some reason I keep wanting to get sneakers that have random drama around them and well there's a lotta drama around these. A lotta people love them, a lotta people seem to hate them. These are the Supreme x Nike Air Force 1.

The Supreme Air Force 1s are pretty much the same as the regular white Air Force 1s that cost about $90 in the US. Supreme retailed these at about $96 so it wasn't really too much more.

Ofcourse they didn't drop here in Malaysia so I paid way, waaaay more. But from what I understand they are going to continue re-stocking the AF1’s at Supreme indefinitely, they haven't really said much more about it, but this also means you don't need to pay crazy reseller prices for these. Don't do what I did.

Coming to these shoes - I have to start with the box that's the first unique thing I noticed - its a black Nike Air Force box with the Supreme box logo on either side. And that's about it. When you open up the box, you'll see this paper that has the Nike and Supreme logos.

Coming to the shoe itself, obviously the biggest deal about these shoes is the Supreme red box logo towards the heel on the lateral side of the sneaker. Its actually embossed onto the sneaker so its not a sticker or anything that will come off.

Below that you have the Air hit on the midsole, which along with the outsole is the same as regular AF1s. And towards the upper, there's that nice white leather material, with the same material, and panels as the regular version.

Coming to the medial side of the sneaker is exactly the same as the regular Air Force 1s so nothing much to see here.

I should mention that these also come in a black colorway - the all-black version is sometimes called the Felony Air Force 1s, there's a weird backstory behind that, that you should definitely check out - but I definitely prefer the white colorway here. Its just a cleaner shoe, and the black one looks kinda like those boring shoes I'd be forced to wear in school as part of my uniform, so I'm not a fan of them.

Like I said the shoe looks exactly like a regular pair of Air Force 1s so I'll try to point out what's different.

Starting with the laces, the white version comes with white laces, but you also get these red Supreme laces in the box which I think looks way cooler on the shoe. Definitely gives the shoe a different look, and sets it apart from the regular Air Force 1s. The red supreme laces are definitely also more hype beast value in my opinion.

Ofcourse the black pair comes with black laces with a white Supreme logo, but I'm not really a fan of how that looks.

Moving on, you'll notice there's an AF1 Supreme lace tag here, and at the tongue, you see the Nike Air Force branding above the Supreme box logo here as well. I don't want to nitpick here but I did notice that the tag on these say AF-1 whereas the regular ones just say AF1 so that's a fun little minor difference between the regular pair and these.

Another minor difference is the tiny Nike swoosh logo below the laces - this space is actually empty on the regular AF1.

Coming to the insole, you'll see the Supreme and Nike branding here. It's a white insole so it'll probably get dirty pretty fast, so watch out for that.

Aaaanndd yeah that's about all the Supreme branding all around on this sneaker.

Apart from that it looks pretty much identical to regular Air Force 1s. The quality of the sneaker is the same as well.

In terms of fit, a lot of people are saying that the AF1s usually fit a half-size down. But since I have wide feet, I went true-to-size here and they fit pretty well. You could totally go into any Nike store and try out a pair of Air Force 1s to check sizing because they're the same sneaker.

All in all, I know that a lot of people are hating on these sneakers because they look so similar to the regular Air Force 1s but I actually really like that about them. I think that's actually what makes the shoe more attractive because the AF1 is a pretty iconic sneaker and I would have hated it if Supreme messed with the silhouette in a weird way. Cause y'all know sometimes collabs can be a little over the top and they end up in really strange sneakers that not everyone can pull off.

I guess I just like the minimalism of the Air Force 1 so maybe that comes down to personal choice. The all-white air force 1s are still one of Nikes most loved, and probably most sold sneakers and I was thinking about picking up a pair anyway, so this collab works for me.

I think its a nice little subtle flex and these are totally great everyday wear sneakers that you could wear around.

Alright with all of that out of the way, lets take a look at these sneakers on-feet, with the white laces:

And since I know y'all are wondering about it, here's a look at the Supreme Air Force 1s with the red supreme laces, on feet:

Alright guys thats what I think about the Supreme Air Force 1s, as always if you have any questions about these, let me know right over on Instagram @ClintonJeff or Twitter @ClintonJeff. Or you can let me know right over on my YouTube review of the Supreme Nike Air Force 1.

I'm also looking forward to hearing what y'all think about these shoes - do they deserve the hate or are these a cool low-key flex?

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02. Feb. 2023

Does it come with supreme box logo sticker?

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Grayson Ostler
Grayson Ostler
25. Aug. 2022

First of all pretty much the same? The regular Air Force 1s are only 90$ A authentic pair of Supreme Air force 1s price range is $140 to $545, and that's on Stock X so they do not deserve hate. The Supreme Air Force Ones definitely deserve a low-key flex. Love The Channel and would appreciate a shoutout, Grayson.

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