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Chasing Ikigai

A personal news update.

Earlier this July, I decided it was time I quit my job.

Gasp, Panic, Anxiety!

I know, I know, but let me explain.

A couple months ago I bought this book.

I was having a nice, lazy Sunday, grocery shopping and then proceeded to a book store that I like browsing through.

What I usually end up doing is noticing a book that seems interesting, looking it up on Amazon to see if it's cheaper, and then buying said book on Amazon.

And that's exactly what happened here. D'oh.


Ikigai - The Japanese Secret to a Long and Happy Life, is a book by Albert Liebermann and Hector Garcia. It might not applicable or interesting to a lot of people out there but for me, but it was exactly what I needed, at this point of my life. It allowed me to reassess my life, my decisions, and the root reasons as to why I was not happy. All of which I will maybe talk about another day, when I'm ready, after detox-ing from these years of corporate life.

But, with that all in mind, I decided it was now time to push the reset button on my professional life. It's funny how many things can be fixed, just by pushing that reset button.

Step 1 of that, was quitting my mundane job to go back to doing what I loved.

Honestly, I've learned a lot in my time as a Marketing and PR guy, and it's been incredibly to work with two giant companies, and to observe & contribute to how they operate. But I think I've reached my bandwidth limit.

Life was not easy for Clinton Jeff, travel-turned-tech blogger/YouTuber fella, but dayum was I happy. And being happy is what I aspire towards right now.

I havent announced or decided on my exact next steps yet, and I'll still be doing a bit of Public Relations and Marketing consultations on the side (and you can contact me if you're interested in having me onboard) but for the most part I'm excited to explore what ClintonJeff v4.0 becomes.


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